Recycling for our Future

Founded in 2000, Amity Metals is a supplier focused brokerage company dealing in recycled metals and plastics. We strive to make scrap marketing a pleasant experience for our clients by finding the best homes for their metal. Our extensive experience in having shipped
merchandise to a large number of scrap consumers allows us to expertly advise our clients in the preparation and shipment of their metals.
We can arrange for freight and provide flexible payment terms. We can arrange to purchase mixed loads that may require more than one delivery destination thereby maximizing the value of the package.
In 2003 we started to handle plastic scrap, primarily industrial grades.

We are very cautious and use credit insurance to help protect our assets and those of our clients.Thanks to the business relationships developed over the years the company has been successful. Due to our conservative nature the growth has been slow but solid. Since we are a small company we can provide a very personal touch in all aspects of our business transactions.

We are rated as a Class 1 Business by Dunn & Bradstreet